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Spring Lawn accelerator

Spring soils and turf are less active, give your lawn a boost this spring and you will benefit all summer.

Great for the few best lawns on the block.

Summer soil conditioner

Boost the fertility of your soil by feeding the microbes while also adding potassium.  

Great for summer-stressed lawns.


ECO-lawns are a specific blend of slow-growing drought-tolerant grasses that can be mowed as little as twice per year! 


An ECO-lawn can be over-seeded to existing lawns or sown directly to new soil.

Seeding with compost

Seed-to-soil contact determines the success of new seeds.  Improve your seed to soil contact with added compost.

Best for older lawns needing freshening up.

Compost topdressing

Poor sandy soil? Hard clay soil? Poor drainage?

Topdressing your lawn with aged compost provides rich fertility to the soil so your lawn will thrive.

Highly recommended for all new customers.


The most important thing you can do for your lawn is to fertilize this fall.  Our winterizer is a combination of fertilizer and soil conditioner to give your lawn an advantage next year.

Recommended for late-season signups or customers seeking the best lawn.

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