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  • Matt Keenan

Winter on your lawn

Snow is water

Not news to a single person, but maybe consider how well your soil can absorb and hold water while you have a whole season's worth of solid H2O resting on your lawn. Soils rich in organic matter will hold much more water benefiting your lawn during a dry spell.

Compaction is another thing to consider, hard clay soils will make it more difficult for water to penetrate and water will run off into sewer systems. Again, soil rich in organic matter will resist compaction and even work to reverse it.


For a short period in the early spring and the late fall, frost freezes and thaws within the soil, mechanically aerating the root zone of your turf at no cost to you! Light frost in the fall will not stop grass root growth, and if your lawn is winterized properly you can take advantage of this natural aeration while the turf roots expand into the soil in preparation for winter.

Microbial activity

Microbial activity continues within the soil even though plants have gone dormant albeit at a greatly reduced speed. In hot climates such as the tropics, deposits of organic matter in the soil are several times lower on average than their northern counterparts all because of the speed of decomposition.

How can Renew-a-lawn benefit you this winter?

Soil organic matter is the most important aspect of a healthy lawn because of its relationship with soil structure and therefore water, compaction, and biology. By using organic fertilizers to boost organic matter paired with soil conditioners instead of mechanical aeration, and even proper winterization, your lawn can benefit 365 days a year to truly get the most out of your lawn care service. You can check out our packages here.

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