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Why you should NEVER mow a wet lawn

Proper mowing is by far the most important thing a homeowner can do to maintain a healthy lawn. Poor mowing can easily lead to a lawn of lower quality, which can lead to even worse mowing habits and become a downward spiral of lawn maintenance.

5 Reasons NOT to wet mow

Wet soil compacts easier,

By mowing the lawn on wet soil, your footprints are actually compacting the soil beneath you which leads to poor turf growth, especially if you're not applying organic fertilizers or soil amendments.

Disease spreads more easily,

Although you may not know it, fungal, bacterial, and even viral pathogens are present on every lawn. What keeps these diseases from becoming out of control is proper mowing, watering, and fertilization. Cutting a wet lawn not only spreads disease particles more easily but these pathogens will remain active much longer in a moist environment.

More ripping, less clean cuts.

When cutting a wet lawn, the blade will end up ripping and tearing instead of slicing clean. Pair this with a dull mowing blade and you have a double whammy. Not only will this make a larger area for disease to infiltrate but it will also cause significant stress to the grass, slowing growth and development while the plant heals.

Poor clipping dispersal, more clumping,

One more easy to identify problem is your lawnmower leaving large clumps of grass on the lawn. Wet clippings clump together in the mower and when these large chunks are left on the lawn, they will choke out existing grass.

Grass matting down from wheels and footprints,

Similar to grass clumps, wet lawns will mat down easier. This will leave lawn mowing tracks on the lawn and in some cases can develop into diseased areas or thinning areas.

Summing up

The main culprits of wet lawn mowing are the lawn maintenance crews, often they need to push through a rainy day because of their schedule. If you're looking for the best lawn maintenance in Kingston Ontario, be sure to ask Renew-a-lawn about one of their mowing partners. We team up with professional lawn mowing teams to properly maintain your well-groomed lawn.

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