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How to be more sustainable in 2022 [EASILY]

Let's be honest, plastic recycling has been broken since 2018 so doing our part means trying some new things. Luckily, being more sustainable this year is as easy as the three recommendations on this list, and in each of these examples, the upfront cost is well justified when you account for the long-term savings!

Buy a compost tumbler

If you are a loyal green bin user then this tip may not be for you but if food scraps end up in an old bin at the back corner of your property or if your food scraps land directly in the trash, this tip is for you!

A compost heap is tricky, smelly, and unsightly! A compost tumbler solves all of these problems... Depending on your aesthetic preferences that is. And the best part is that you can have compost in just one short year! You'll want to buy the two-chambered tumbler or two solo tumblers so that you are not adding fresh waste to 'half baked' compost, as long you remember to tumble every couple of weeks usable compost will be ready in about a year depending on where you keep it in the winter.

This will certainly save you on garbage tags if you're just throwing away your food scraps but better yet, you can save on potting mix and garden mix by incorporating your homemade compost instead!

Switch to an electric lawnmower

Did you know that your lawnmower generates about as many emissions as a small car? Yep, newer vehicles are very efficient and have catalytic converters keeping their emissions as low as technologically possible. Your lawnmower on the other hand doesn't have fancy fuel injection a catalytic converter or smart idling.

Electric lawnmowers aren't practical for larger properties because the battery life is short-lived, but for most residential suburban properties, electric mowers do a fine job. And if you're a Sunday morning mower, added bonus for not waking up the neighbors!

With the increasing cost of gasoline, switching to electricity will save you money on fill-ups and the inevitable gas spills of a full Jerrycan.

Organic fertilizer

You may wonder how switching to organic will save you money, organic fertilizers are generally more costly upfront after all. Upfront, you will see a reduction in the water bill but it doesn't stop there. Organic lawns experience significantly less disease damage insect damage and weed pressure. You can also avoid costly aerations and dethatching that the use of synthetic fertilizers incites. And of course, ditching petroleum-based synthetic fertilizer is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Wrapping up

Save money while feeling good about your efforts supporting the environment. Renew-a-lawn gladly supports your efforts in sustainability and we can provide beautiful lawns that truly benefit the environment.

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