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How Kingston, Ontario can Benefit from Organic Lawn Care

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Kingston is a Green Leader in Ontario

Kingston is one of Ontario's leading cities in climate care. Kingston has one of the most detailed Climate Action Plans in Canada. Environmentally friendly options for lawn care have never been better or more accessible than in 2022. Using organic fertilizers and compost on residential lawns instead of petroleum-based chemical fertilizers can be a great way to reduce the cities' carbon footprint without sacrificing any benefits of a healthy lawn.

Reduces Hazardous Runoff into Lake Ontario

Fertilizer runoff is destructive to bodies of water and as a lakeside city, Kingston can lead Ontario by encouraging the use of organic fertilizer. The reason why synthetic fertilizer is so detrimental to bodies of water is because of its water solubility. High amounts of fertilizer can run right off lawns into natural waterways, this causes a dramatic bloom in algae which inevitably die and their decomposition suffocates surrounding water of the necessary oxygen to support aquatic life. This is especially dangerous while haphazardly applying synthetic fertilizer to the lawn. If you choose chemical fertilizer, be sure to follow the instructions, don't over-apply, and avoid using it prior to a rainstorm.

Improves Water Quality in Kingston Homes

The greater Kingston area has many residential homes on well water. For the same reason that synthetic fertilizer easily runs off, these fertilizers also leech into groundwater quite rapidly. Nitrates in fertilizer are converted into nitrites by bacteria and can be harmful to humans consuming them in large enough dosages and even lethal to infants. If you are on well water, consider switching to organic fertilizer for peace of mind.

Renew-a-lawn is Kingston's most Sustainable Lawn care Company

Until now, it has been difficult for homeowners to choose organic fertilizer because of the drawbacks. Thankfully Renew-a-lawn has developed lawn care programs to provide lush lawns quickly and organically serving the greater Kingston area. Everybody wins!

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