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  • Matt Keenan

4 Reasons to fertilize your lawn in 2022

Turfgrass is chronically N deficient

As goes for most plants, the rate-limiting factor for grass is nitrogen(N). Because, the very quick rate of turf growth, once nitrogen is applied your lawn can thrive. Mowing your lawn will also stimulate turf growth, so if you'd like to care for your lawn this year, consider fertilization.


If you want to achieve a better-looking lawn colour, one sure way to do so is by fertilization. Again, because nitrogen is sparse in most soils adding fertilizer to your lawn will greatly improve the colour of your grass. This is because nitrogen is a critical element to many biological processes within the turf plant, more so than any other nutrient.


Just like animals, plants need an immune system, and responses to stress especially since they cannot relocate in the presence of stress. Ever wonder why plant foods are so full of antioxidants? Nitrogen fertilization will help supply critical building blocks for enzymes, antioxidants and other supporting compounds.

Drought resistance

If you've ever seen your lawn go from green to brown in a matter of days, you've experienced drought stress. Not only does your lawn need water for hydration as animals do but plants need water for their primary food source. When grass loses moisture it begins to change into a dormant form, and this is a direct result of how deep your grass roots go. Fertilizing your lawn at the right time in spring can supply enough extra energy for your roots to grow deeper in anticipation of the hot weather, and you can maintain a green lawn even longer.

Wrapping up

A word of caution, as fertilization can significantly improve the overall health of your turf, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Don't overdo it! Read the label of any lawn product you buy, or hire a professional. If you'd like a nice lawn in 2022, fertilization will be the key.

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