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Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

How are you different from other lawn care companies in kingston?

We differentiate ourselves by offering a more premium service to our customers, this includes better quality products as well as some advanced technologies and techniques that you can't get anywhere else.  We also have a more accurate feeding schedule for cool-season grass' needs.

Are all fertilizers the same?

No.  Most box store fertilizers are synthetic and offer the same 1-3 nutrients in arbitrary ratios.  Instead, we fertilize and stimulate your lawn with 8 different multi-purpose products throughout the season because we don't just grow grass, we keep it.

Should I bag my clippings on my Kingston lawn?

The answer depends, if you have a healthy soil then clippings will be recycled but in a poor soil, clippings can build up as a thick layer of "thatch" which will repel water and block sunlight and nutrients.

Do I need to water my lawn in Kingston, Ontario?

The answer is yes, although we can help your soil to hold water it is still necessary to water in periods of low rain-fall.

What's a lawn disease?

Lawn diseases are usually fungi but can also be bacteria that infect grass blades or entire plants.  Diseases can cause minor to serious problems and usually occur in heat stressed and/or damp areas.  Synthetic fertilizers can increase the likely hood of disease and in some cases accelerate them.

Is my lawn good for the planet?

YES!  Soil is a "non-renewable" resource, it takes hundreds of years to create a few inches of soil.  Grass is natures way of preserving the soil from being eroded by wind & water.

What does a healthy soil need in Kingston Ontario?

In a nutschell, a healthy soil needs 25% air, 25% water, 45%minerals and 5% organic matter.


Our organic fertilizer blends were crafted by our team of microbiologists and soil experts to give you the greenest, healthiest lawn possible- by working with the environment, rather than against it.

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